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Upgrading the road network of the Municipality of Mantoudi - Limni - Agia Anna.​


SICAP S.A. undertook the upgrading and construction of the National & Provincial road network within the administrative boundaries of the Municipality of Mantoudi - Limni - Agia Anna of the Regional Unit of Evia including the reconstruction of the Portara bridge that serves the traffic to the new port of Mantoudi.

The infrastructure works will take place on the National Road and, especially, on the section of Chalkida - Istiaia - Edipsos from Prokopi to Vasilika and on the 4 provincial roads connecting Prokopi - Spathari - Kehries (via Drazi, Kalyvia, Metohi, Kireas, Farakla) | Mantoudi-Kymasi | Strofilia - Limni – Rovies | Rovies - Istiea - Kanatadika (via Kyparissi, Vouta and Kamaria).

Our goal is the implementation of the #project within the timeline for the immediate regeneration of Northern Evia hit by the devastating forest fires on 3rd August 2021, as well as the improvement of the daily life of the residents and visitors by delivering a high standards project.