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Brand new dock to Lipsi Island!

SICAP S.A. engineers undertake the expansion of the port dock of Lipsi Island, one of the most picturesque Greek Islands of the Dodecanese in the Southeastern Aegean. The port project, with an initial budget of 1.140.000€ & high construction peculiarities, requires experienced & specialized staff.

The aim of the project is to serve touristic vessels but also to protect the coastal front from the waves. The infrastructure is of vital importance for the island of Lipsoi, as it belongs to the habitats of the European Ecological Network Natura2020 as a site of community importance for the Mediterranean biogeographical area.

Work has already begun & includes the following milestones:

▪️ Widening of the existing Access Road connecting the dock with the port pier
▪️ Watershed deepening to ensure operational depths 
▪️ New Total length 310m absorbent quay.
▪️ Coastal quays with bollards, fenders and κλίμακες for vessels’ safe mooring as well as an electricity network & firefighting.
▪️ Panels installation which will provide the boats with electricity, water and internet.

For the overall area upgrade, the renovation of the pedestrian street between the coastal road and shops is foreseen with the configuration of parking spaces and table seats.