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Construction of Central Lifting Substation GIS 33/150Kv in Evangelismos of the Municipality of Karystos for Terna Energy.

We just delivered our brand-new GIS 33/150kV Central Elevation Substation for windfarms, on behalf of TERNA ENERGY, amounting to a total area of 660 m2, in the Municipality of Karystos, South Evia (Evangelismos Location).

The Central Lifting Substation serves from now on 18 windfarms in the wider area of Karystos, with a total capacity of 360 Mwh!

Τhis investment is about to contribute to a CO2 reduction up to 1.2 million tons per year!


Despite the architectural idiom and, especially, the altitude of over 1000m, our engineers successfully carried out the following:

  • Earthworks for the foundation of the Control and GIS buildings & oil-bases.
  • Shaping and drainage of the land in an area of 9 acres.
  • Internal road construction work in a total area of 3,500 m2.2.
  • Application of a wire box system (serasanetti) to support slopes of a total volume of 1,500 m3.
  • Installation of internal sewerage, water supply and cable routing networks.
  • Control and GIS buildings construction, resistant to adverse climatic conditions.
  • Manufacturing a hut & firefighting and drinking water pump station.
  • Building Infrastructures for housing power, protection, control, measurement and other auxiliary equipment for the smooth operation of the station.
  • Underground channels installation to serve all power & control cables.


After completing this green project, SICAP S.A. has now implemented all the civil engineering projects for any wind farm!